Making a difference

Here at 62 The Bank and the whole of Brend Hotels we feel very strongly about the environment and our planet. We feel a responsibility to lead the way in climate change and protect this little rock we call earth. We strive to ever improve our carbon footprint and plastic waste and have a dedicated team looking at how we can reduce this. 

We’re also proud Plastic Free North Devon business champions where we continuously look at improving our plastic waste and looking at how we can improve not only our hotel but our surroundings too. 

Below is a tiny snippet of all the things we do here at 62 The Bank to try and move towards a better world;

Use Vegware Straws
Recycle all our food waste which is converted into green energy 
Use Energy saving light bulbs 
Source and use locally produce regarding both food and drink
Our Directors hold green meetings every quarter 
Recycle all card, food containers and glass bottles 
Cold drinks are in glass bottles e.g water, Cola, Luscombe, etc 
All Ink & Toners are recyclable 
We’ve moved from individual packaged cereals to large bowls to avoid single use sachets 
Use large format milk pergals instead of individual cartons