A-Z of Drinks

Want to speak the 62 lingo? Our A - Z of Drinks really do hit the spot. Here at 62 we pride ourselves on locally sourced, handcrafted beverages for all. From our Biscoff Bananza to Wicked Wolf Gin there is something for everyone behind our bar. 

Read on and let the drinks do the talking…

A - Atlantic Ale

It’s your Dad’s favourite ale, a firm favourite for any cosy night in.

B - Biscoff Bananza 

If you’re Biscoff mad then our blend of biscoff cookie butter, whipped cream and Black Cow Milk Vodka is defiantly one for you.

C - Cos-No

Light and fruity this temperance takes on the world-famous cocktail. A concoction of cranberry, lime and orange that wows without the alcohol.

D - Daiquiri’s 

Whether it’s Strawberry or Pineapple & Passionfruit our famous slush puppi style cocktails are delicious! 

E - Estrella 

Whether you say Estr’ella’ or Estre’eya’ this classic lager is one for all. 

F - Flat White Martini 

Vodka, Baileys, vanilla and coffee are shaken and strained to create this smooth, elegant, caffeine packed cocktail.

G - (Devon) Garden

 A blend of Plymouth Gin, tart cranberry and the subtle floral fragrance of Elderflower, it’s the epitome of a countryside Garden.

H - Hendricks 

Okay so we can’t believe we’re already at H without mentioning a Gin yet, it’s the classic Hendricks Gin. 

I - Italia Pinot Grigio Prosecco 

Ideal for the girls weekly catch up, toasting that something special or just for someone who needs some fizz in their life.

J - Jack Daniels 

It’s everyone's favourite bourbon, usually served on ice with coke. It's the classic, Jack Daniels. 

K - Kraken Black Spiced

Get a taste of the Caribbean with this spiced rum. Named after a mythical giant squid it's sure to get you tingling. 

L - Lundy Island Iced Tea 

The classic Long Island is brought closer to home with a concoction of local spirits including Wicked Wolf Gin, Black Cow Vodka & Rathlee's Rum as well as a select few others, topped with ice cold coke.

M - Melon Cup

It’s everyone's favourite, Melon Cup! Get transported to the Caribbean shorelines with this tropical cooler, fresh watermelon, lashings of coconut rum and pineapple juice make this sweet & refreshing for any occasion. 

N - No-Jito 

T Total doesn’t have to be flavourless, this temperance version of the Mojito blends muddled lime and sugar with elderflower cordial, house apple syrup, fresh mint and soda.

O - Oban 

Try something new with this classic Malt Whiskey. 

P - Pink Pornstar Martini 

A night out just isn’t complete without this fruity beauty. Passoa, fresh passionfruit, vodka and vanilla is served with the addition of muddled raspberries and a miniature side of our sparkling Chambord Royale makes this an all-time favourite. 

Q - TarQuins Raspberry & Rhubarb Gin

R - Raspberry Mojito 

You just can’t go wrong with a mojito, whatever the occasion, time or mood, our Raspberry Mojito will hit the spot. 

S - Sex In The Woods

Sex on the beach really isn’t the done thing these days... who really wants sand in their shoes? This strong and sweet cocktail is a blend of Apple Pie Moonshine, schnapps, our own spiced apple syrup with a splash of cranberry and orange juice.

T - Tequila 

Grab your sombrero, lime and salt and get ready for a wild night ahead!

U - FamoUs Grouse 

Not to be confused with the game bird this blended whisky is perfect for anyone needing that extra kick. 

V - Courvoisier VS

This classic brandy is sure to get your taste buds tingling (or burning). Perfect for an after-dinner drink or Sunday lunch special. 

W - Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin 

This is definitely not as scary as it sounds, this local Gin is a must for most North Devon locals. Made from botanical distilled in Exmoor this award-winning Gin is one to try on your next visit. 

X - Hennessy XO

This classic Cognac is probably something that you see on your grandparent's shelf but trust us this family favourite is one to try.

Y - Glenmorangie 10 YO

Okay we know we are really scraping the barrel now but this Malt Whisky is one to try. From the Scottish Highlands, inspired by the peaceful surroundings this whisky is wonderfully complex and exceptionally smooth.

Z - Peroni Nastro AZZurro

 As one of the best selling beers in the world, Peroni is a beer pong must and any night out essential.