6 Of Your Favorites - Buy One Get Another Half Price 

We've selected six of our best-selling cocktails and decided that when you buy any of these cocktails you can have another half price. You'll be able to get this every week, Monday - Friday from 5pm until late.  

Choose From: 

Triple Peach Bellini
Perfectly elegant this blend of prosecco, creme de peche, our own infused peach foam and a peach mist, make for a refreshing peachy cocktail.  

Elderflower Daiquiri
One of our famous and most popular slush puppi style daiquiris, made with a premium pour rum St Germaine Elderflower liqueur and viola flowers.  

Raspberry Mojito
Fresh lime and demerara sugar, muddled with Fresh raspberries, mint and Chambord liqueur, topped up with Havana 3 YO and crushed ice. 

Sex In The Woods
Sex on the beach really isn’t the done thing these days... who really wants sand in their shoes? This strong and sweet cocktail is a blend of Applepie Moonshine, schnapps, our own spiced apple syrup with a splash of cranberry and orange juice.   

Watermelon Caipirinha 
The national cocktail of Brazil, this was unknown until cachaca was imported to Europe in the early 90's. We’re adding the vibrant taste of fresh juicy watermelon to this blend of rum, citrus and sugar. 

Cookie Monster
If you love cookies and ice cream then this is your cocktail. Real Oreo cookies are blended with double cream and a generous serving of vodka to make this moreish shake.